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Everquest Next to the players

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I have always loved the Everquest - franchise, my first MMORPG was EQOA and still to this day I must admit it has been one of the best MMORPGS I have played. I have waited a long time for the third instalment of Everquest, patiently, hoping it would be a game I could call home for years instead of hopping from MMORPG to another like a locust. The Everquest Next reveal has left me feeling... hollow as there isn’t a better word to describe it. In my opinion it tries to go too far with the franchise, too many drastic changes in one MMORPG. I love a lot of the features but I do not love the class system, I do not love the red boxes telling me how to avoid mobs and I do not love the action combat. John Smedley said that this game is our as well as theirs. Thus in my opinion we should be given the option of voting about the combat system. This is our vote, this is our moment. Thus hereby if you add your signature, you agree that: 1. Everquest Next needs levels, what is an Everquest game without levels? Levels are there to give us a goal; they are there to reward us with new interesting abilities when we ding. By not having levels you are removing the experience of testing that new ability that you were rewarded with as you dinged. 2. Class System, We want the clear trinity or evolution of it and offer us a quadruple; tank, healer, cc and dps We do not wish to be jack - of - all - trades, it kills the team synergy to have warriors who can cast lightning or rogues that can throw fireballs. You tried to break the classes in Everquest 2 as well - though later on it was remodelled so that all classes started as what they are because players wanted to be that class from the start. They did not want to play 20 levels of summoner only to be able to play as necromancer after that. Everquest has always been about classes, you select a class and you know what you get by the description of the class. That is one of key features of Everquest franchise. These classes have a deep, strong lore and history and now you are offering us a class that is like super skrull from Marvel Class that can taunt, heal, sneak, and cast fireball. Where is the lore and history? Everquest isn’t Rift - it isn’t Guildwars 2 and it shouldn’t even try to be those games. We all are here because we love Everquest, we love those classes the Everquest franchise has and we do not wish to be hybrids. 3. Hotbar combat - Because the bane of action MMORPGS is the combat. Everquest franchise has never been about action combat, instead of following Tera , Guildwars 2 and Neverwinter Nights Online. Everquest should focus in different direction in a direction to modify hotbar based combat, to evolve it. Everquest 2 Beastmaster was a interesting because of the class mechanic. All classes should have unique mechanics like that, combos that trigger certain abilities, special solo heroic opportunities and so forth. If you need inspiration from a other MMORPG: S, take inspiration from one of your own games Vanguard; where classes were all unique. 4. No boxes will tell indicators, Everquest franchise has always been harsh. In EQOA there wasn’t an indicator where the raid mobs area of effect will hit. You had to time it after experiencing it or see the little changes in the behaviour, stance and move far enough. This made the kill a lot more exciting and rewarding than the raids nowadays. Everquest Next seems to follow the footsteps of Guildwars 2 , Wildstar, Final Fantasy XIV and take the warning indicators to a next level. Turning the game into a dance, dance mix revolution. This isn’t, what the legacy of Everquest should be. It should be shifts in stance, arm movements to the left side of screen, pointing at certain people or other hand gestures to indicate where the area of effect or spell/ability will hit. Or slight effects on environment for example crack on ground or similar. I know this petition is early, there is a lot of information that we haven’t yet heard. Though I do not want to be in a situation where it is too late to affect the development for that reason the faster we voice our concerns about these issues the better. Sincerely Rendor of Stonewatchers


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