Is Utah's Weber State University Using Questionable Academic/Ethical Standards?

Victoria Sethunya
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The petition involves a method that Weber State University uses to determine the dates of graduation for students at their University.

And  what is this method exactly?
1. Weber State University uses date of payment of tuition as the date of graduation. For example, if you pay your tuition in December 2013, for courses you completed in  December 2012, Weber State University will record 2013, the date of payment as the date of graduation.

2. Weber State University uses any student's records to build another student's portfolio. 
For example, if your name is George J, Weber State uses Jackie M's record to build your student portfolio.

3. Weber State University allow administrative delays to reflect otherwise non-existent delays on students progress reports. For example, you complete a course in January, 2012. Your professor reports your grades in July 2012. It turns out that the deadline for reporting the grades was some time in March 2012. Because of this error in reporting, Weber State university administration informs you that you did not complete the course on time even though the error was on the administrative side.

I have spoken with about ten students who have had similar issues about Weber State University academic standards and they felt unsafe to disclose their names in public but are willing to  share their stories with governments agents. 

I am willing to share in public and in any manner necessary any documents of my own that substantiate 3 elements outlined above.

In my view Weber State University policy is not only unethical but flawed and needs to change and remedial measures be put in place to reward ALL students who earned their credentials.

Please sign your name if you agree.


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