Throw all who dismiss anti-theist arguments with "angry atheist" into a pit of fire

David Hooke
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It is extremely irritating to have your arguments dismissed as the product of anger as opposed to reason and evidence. Deciding that your interlocutor is angry, when they likely are not, is presumptuous. Refusing to answer substantive points when your interlocutor actually IS emotionally invested in the issue is even more annoying. More importantly, "angry atheist" is just an attempt to slur and shut down dissent. The same tactic is used on "emotional women". We call on all religious people (and accommodationist journalists and bloggers) to engage with our arguments and refrain from the "angry atheist" epithet. Furthermore, we propose that all who dismiss our arguments with "angry atheist" are thrown into a pit of fire. Forever.




  • 4 years ago
    Dave Hooke United Kingdom
    4 years ago