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FORGET ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING AND THINK ABOUT THEIR PLANS TO CLEANSE THE PLANET OF BILLIONS OF HUMANS IN ORDER THAT THEY CAN ENRICH THEMSELVES FURTHER AND SERVE THEIR PERVERTED BLOOLINES! Ladies and gentlemen, eSOLIDARITY is an electronic platform which offers those who are disgruntled with how their country is being run, or in the case of the UK, fraudulently mishandled through high level corruption, secrecy, murder and greed, the unique opportunity vote with their mouse! Our mission is to grow in number, sufficient enough to take on existing governments at the ballot box and by doing so create a whole new and true democracy. We demand a transparent government, run by true patriots, for patriots, one that no longer lies to and cheats us and murders its own, in order to try to scare us into submission; and one which would always opt to choose diplomacy and dialogue instead of guns and missiles! Members of eSOLIDARITY simply wish to bring their children and grandchildren up in a safer, fairer world, where all are equal and welcome! PLEASE STAND UP WITH US AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE BEFORE THEY TAKE AWAY OUR RIGHTS (and lives) COMPLETELY JUST AS THE SAME TINY GROUP OF SADISTIC ELITISTS ARE BASTARDISING THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND ARE ALREADY HEAVILY INTO CREATING THEIR FEMA CAMPS IN WHICH TO PLACE THOSE WHO DISSENT! TURN YOUR BACK ON US CONGRESS AS IT CURRENTLY STANDS BECAUSE IT IS A FRAUD, ALONG WITH THE IMPOSTER, BARRACK OBAMA! SAY AN EMPHATIC 'NO' TO THE EU AND THE ILLUMINATI'S NEFARIOUS PLANS FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER / BIG (BROTHER) GOVERNMENT! We will not be electronically tagged like dogs and nor will we walk meekly to your concentration camps!"Unity equals strength!"


Thomas Sweeney (USA) Lee Ryan (UK)




Please note, our GLOBAL website, www.esolidarity.com is currently under construction!

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