Legalise public use of Electric Rideables in Ireland

Robi Ivic
Robi Ivic 276 Comments
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Lately, Electric Scooters and other eRides are being seized by Garda, on a daily basis.

Legally speaking, they currently are Mechanically Propelled Vehicles that require driving license, insurance and motor tax.

They currently can't be registered for motor tax, so they can't be insured either.

It is a grey area, as other European countries have new laws allowing the use of these vehicles, while Ireland uses the 1961 Road Traffic Act as the law for these.

eScooters and other eRides are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Electric rideables on roads mean less pollution, less traffic and less noise.

Their legality in public roads should be reconsidered.

Please sign the petition and help us make it happen.

Let's make Ireland a place of freedom for choice of personal mobility options.



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