ESAM-TAC Letter of Support

Lou Tenney
Lou Tenney 3 Comments
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To whom it may concern:

As the energy storage and microgrid (ESM) markets mature, we believe that an educated and safe workforce is fundamentally important to energy growth and modernization.

We are therefore writing to affirm our support for the Energy Storage and Microgrid Training and Certification (ESAM-TAC), a credentialed program developed through an industry collaborative led by Penn State University.

ESAM-TAC prepares electrical workers to safely and effectively assemble, test, commission, maintain, repair, and retrofit ESM systems. Credentialed individuals will be demonstrably prepared to

  • interface with ESM equipment;
  • work with equipment manufacturers and application engineers;
  • perform regular testing and maintenance of ESM systems; and
  • maintain documentation and communications related to operations and servicing of microgrid systems.

We further recognize the relevance of ESAM-TAC for:

  • OEMs
  • System Integrators
  • Control System Manufacturers / Designers
  • Electricians
  • Engineers
  • Facility managers
  • Academics (Professors, Researchers and Students)
  • Financiers
  • Lawyers
  • First Responders
  • Insurance providers
  • Cyber security experts