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Erie Backyard Hens (Residents of the Village of Erie, IL)

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Backyard chickens are currently illegal in Erie. This prevents Erie residents from taking advantage of the opportunities and benefits of backyard chickens.


We, the undersigned, support a revision to Erie's Animal ordinance to allow a property owner to secure a permit to own up to 4 hens (no roosters) in small, well-maintained backyard chicken coops within the village limits of Erie, IL. This ordinance would be based on those in cities which have passed similar measures with great success, such as Silvis, Moline, East Moline, Chicago, Ames, Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, Beloit, WI and Des Moines. The ordinance would include confinement regulations, nuisance clauses and other rules to be determined at a later date, based on examinations of other city ordinances.

Letter to

Erie Trustees,

I just signed the following petition addressed to the Erie Village Trustees.

We, the undersigned residents, request that the ownership of backyard hens be legal in the Village of Erie, IL. We support this measure because:

--Chickens produce a rich fertilizer by-product, high in nitrogen, eliminating the need for petrochemical fertilizers.
-- Many young professionals and families are drawn to cities & towns which allow backyard chickens as part of the local food movement.
-- Chickens eat bugs, including ticks & mosquitos, reducing our backyard pest population, and allowing for reduced use of pesticides.
-- Backyard hens provide an educational opportunity to teach children where our food comes from and demonstrate responsible pet ownership.
-- Fresh, naturally raised eggs have an improved nutrient profile compared to conventional eggs.
-- Chickens eat table scraps, reducing municipal solid waste.
-- A properly cleaned and maintained chicken coop poses no sanitation risks.
--Hens are not noisy, as they only make noise when scared, or sometimes when laying an egg. They sleep all night and are less noisy than a neighborhood dog or cat, and many birds. Roosters will not be allowed.
--Local businesses can see an upswing in sales, due to sales of feeders, lamps, coops, and other chicken supplies.

We sincerely hope you'll consider our sample ordinance, provided below.




Permit Required.
An annual permit is required for the keeping of any domesticated chickens in the Village of Erie.

The fee for an annual permit to keep chickens is. dollars ($.00).

Number and Type of Chickens Allowed.
(a) The maximum number of chickens allowed is four (4) per lot.
(b) Only female chickens are allowed. There is no restriction on chicken species.

(a) Chickens must be kept in an enclosure or fenced area at all times. During daylight hours, chickens may be allowed outside of their chicken pens in a securely fenced yard if supervised. Chickens shall be secured within the henhouse during non-daylight hours.
(b) Enclosures must be clean, dry, and odor-free, kept in a neat and sanitary condition at all times, in a manner that will not disturb the use or enjoyment of neighboring lots due to noise, odor or other adverse impact.
(c) The hen house and chicken pen must provide adequate ventilation and adequate sun and shade and must both be impermeable to rodents, wild birds, and predators, including dogs and cats.
(d) Henhouses.
(1) A henhouse shall be provided and shall be designed to provide safe and healthy living conditions for the chickens while minimizing adverse impacts to other residents in
the neighborhood.
(a) The structures shall be enclosed on all sides and shall have a roof and doors. Access doors must be able to be shut and locked at night. Opening windows and
vents must be covered with predator- and bird-proof wire of less than one (1) inch openings.
(b) The henhouse shall be well-maintained.
(2) Henhouses shall not be placed in the front yard.
(e) Chicken Pens.

Odor and Noise Impacts.
(a) Odors from chickens, chicken manure, or other chicken-related substances shall not be perceptible at the property boundaries.
(b) Perceptible noise from chickens shall not be loud enough at the property boundaries to disturb persons of reasonable sensitivity. This proposed ordinance limits the number of chickens to four and requires that they be provided with a minimum amount of space and a clean and dry hen house, and that they be provided with a fenced outdoor enclosure. When cared for in this way, chickens do not smell bad. By limiting the number of chickens and describing the space in which they can be kept, this proposed zoning addition ensures the happiness of the chickens, their owners, and their neighbors.
There are many misconceptions regarding the keeping of chickens due to lack of information to the public. Many people think that you might need a Rooster to produce eggs and that backyard chickens would be noisy. Roosters are NOT needed for a Hen to lay eggs and it is a Rooster that can be loud. Chickens are quieter than dogs or even songbirds; roosters, however, are noisy. No Roosters are allowed.

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