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Equity & Transparency at Heritage Palms

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Dear Heritage Palms Homeowners

We are fellow Homeowners who are concerned that your Board of Directors have not given you adequate information and have not fully disclosed all of the options available to you.

By now you have received correspondence asking you to participate in a survey relating to ‎the acquisition of a 70 acre parcel of land adjacent to the 17th hole of the Sabal course. This land has been positioned as additional real estate to be used for the construction of a 9 hole golf course.

While construction of a 9 hole golf course is one option, this land offers a variety of expansion opportunities for our residents, which may result in increased property value, and a better community for our homeowners. Ultimately, control over this adjacent land plot would also allow our community to ensure that any unwanted development doesn't proceed.
The Communications Committee of Heritage Palms was enlisted to draft the survey questions. A copy of the draft survey which was being prepared to that end‎ has been sent to you.

It is a well-reasoned and fair document. It outlined the options in detail.Had it been used for the survey, we would have the information‎ we need to intelligently decide this issue in the interests of the Homeowners.

For reasons that escape us, that survey‎ was dramatically revised by your Board of Directors. It was gutted before it was sent to you. You will note that the option to acquire the land without building a nine hole golf course, at significantly less expense, has for some reason, been deleted in the material sent to you by the Board.

‎Theopportunity to acquire this land will only come once. The community needs to get this decision right. The property is likely to be sold to someone. The community needs to decide whether it should be us, or someone who may not make decisions that are acceptable to HP.

‎The Board ought to have put the land only option before you. Fairness demands it.

This is an important decision for Heritage Palms. Your opinion is important and you ought to be able to offer your opinion based on complete information and options.

‎The failure to include all of the relevant options invalidates the result of the survey presently being circulated.

We call upon the Board of Directors to redo the survey. This time it should be done properly and fairly. The document originally crafted by the members of the Communication Committee is comprehensive, fair, and outlines the options in their entirety. It should be used as the basis for this decision.

We need the INFORMED opinion of the Homeowners.

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