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Equestrian Tales- Help bring a show to life!

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Equestrian Tales- Help bring a show to life!

Help bring an animated series to life! Your support will make this happen!

Equestrian Tales is intended to become a netflix original series, and is being pitch as such, this is not a fan animated youtube series, but we will explore these options as needed.

What is Equestrian Tales?

Equestrian Tales is designed as a spin off series to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, based over 1000 years in the past of the current show, using generation 1 and others to build a rounded history, culture and lore to the current show. Using its messages, themes and actions to help children through charity drives such as toy/clothing, Arts/supplies, food and bringing the message of My Little Pony and Equestrian tales to the front of media to help fight illiteracy and using its stories to bring back the moral, and power of storytelling to a generation of animation in dire need of these values.

This show is about a small group of unlikely friends who learn to ban together to seek out the tales and stories of their time, and to record them in song and story for future generations,

We are asking for you, the fans who really want to see something brand new and ground breaking air, to stand up with us, and let your voices be heard, this is meant to tell Hasbro that you are interested in the idea, and the series, this is not to force them to air the series. We will not act on the series until full approval is met, however this show will happen with your support.

Help us bring Equestrian Tales to as many children as possible and help create a show you will be proud to say, I helped get that to air.

For more information please visit our website-

Check out our article on Equestria Daily-

Thank you all on behalf of the entire crew of Equestrian Tales, this will not happen without your support.


Production Director, Co-Creator and Lead Story Designer, Equestrian Tales

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