Leeuwfontein Equestrian Centre, Expansion of Paddocks

Christine Vivier
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The Leeuwfontein Equestrian Facility has 22 Stables, but can only accommodate maximum 14 horses due to paddock constraints (Figure 1). The current paddocks are not ideal for healthy happy horses and are not encouraging movement and safe interaction between horses. The potential of the stables can only be realized if additional paddocks are created. A proposal was made by the Committee to the Directors to create additional paddocks on Plot 13 on unutilized areas (Figure 2) which mainly include the excavated Dam areas.

Access to Plot 13 will however be required and an access gate connecting the Equestrian Facility and Plot 13 will be required. A proposal was made to move the access point and gate situated between the estate and Plot 85 originally intended for the horses to Stand 254 to allow easy access for the horses between the stables and Plot 13. There will thus be no additional access points along the fence perimeter, but only an optimization of current access points to provide in our need. The same security measures will apply.In order to present our proposal, we need to demonstrate support.