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Equal Rights at Santa Monica Swim Center

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Have you ever noticed that the Santa Monica Swim Center doesn't treat recreational swim patrons equally with swim lessons, swim teams, and dive instruction?

I have been a Santa Monica resident and Swim Center member since 2005. And as of the new "covid" changes, the swim center patrons have been "thrown under the bus."

Here's a list of what I am talking about:

  1. Lack of lanes. The swim center no longer offers recreational swim patrons any priority in times, everything is given to the other groups, and recreational swim patrons get the "crumbs."
  2. The reservation system is unfair. Recreational swim patrons (even Santa Monica residents who get an extra day to reserve) are clearly the last to reserve lanes in the reservation system. We can only reserve 3 days in advance after the other groups have gotten priority.
  3. Entrance times: Recreational swim patrons are only allowed into the Swim Center 5 minutes before their reserved time. meanwhile the other patrons can go in as much as 30 minutes before their reserved time (to be honest, 30 minutes is the most I have witnessed, it could be longer).

Maybe you don't know this - but the Swim Center is not part of Santa Monica College. All employees of the Swim Center are city employees, meaning the tax payers pay their salaries.

It's time to take back our power and get equal rights to the Swim Center. Please sign the petition if you agree with this.

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