Equal Representation at Regional Council in the Region of Peel

Brian R. Johnston
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As we, the Residents in the City of Brampton have always been a part of the Region of Peel since its inception and have been under-represented at Regional Council since the very beginning, hereby demand that the Provincial Government of the Province of Ontario; 1. Acknowledge this fact. 2. Accept the report submitted by the Hon. George W. Adams, Q.C.. 3. Act in accordance with the recommendations made in that report. 4. Approve the addition of 5 more Regional Councilors for Brampton to bring equality of representation to the Region of Peel at Regional Council, so that every elected representative in the Town of Caledon, the City of Mississauga and the City of Brampton hold a position and sit at Regional Council. 5. Make this Legislative Amendment effective as of the 2014 Election year.


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