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Equal parental responsibility

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Most fathers do not deserve the uphill struggle they face to see their children, and a change in the law is long overdue.

Parental responsibility is a legal term defined as ‘the rights, duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which by law a parent of a child has in relation to the child and his property’ (section, 3(1), Children Act 1989).

Until recent changes in the law, this responsibility was only automatically conferred upon mothers and married fathers. Unmarried fathers could only gain parental responsibility through:

  • A parental responsibility agreement with the mother
  • A parental responsibility order from a court
  • Appointment as the child’s guardian
  • Marrying the mother

From 1 st December 2003, unmarried fathers are able to get equal parental responsibility simply by both parents registering the birth together.

Parental responsibility gives important legal rights as well as a say in your child’s welfare. Decisions on medical treatment, education, where your child lives and even the name by which your child is known can all be influenced by whoever has parental responsibility.

Sadly though, it appears that the Government has consistently FAILED the fathers that are willing and prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to be the parent that any child rightfully deserves, by making it possible that mothers can 'just like that' deny a father his right to have contact with his children and on the other hand are also denying their child of their basic human right to have a relationship with BOTH parents.  Where there is no risk to the child, why should a father be denied access because the mother is disgruntled that the relationship between her and the father of their child has now ended? 

Mothers that deny their child of their basic human right are a drain on the systems resources and should not be allowed state benefits and in cases where a court has awarded the father contact with his child/children and even then are denied.... the mother, like in the USA, should be imprisoned.  

The great country that we live in seems to be operating under dysfunctional laws that are in part responsible for many traumatised children from 'broken homes', due to not having healthy relationships with both parents.  Now of course, there are some cases where fathers have proved themselves to be unworthy of the title... but on the other hand there are also cases of mothers that are no different. 

I plan to send this petition with a letter to ALL Government bodies and organisations, as well as the national press in a bid to stop all the talk of making rights more equal and make way for actual action.  

Please read this press article from The Daily Mail

Please feel free to forward the link onto friends, family and colleagues to assist in making parental rights equal. 

Thank you for your time.  


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