Equal Access to Higher Education at UCL for those Seeking Protection

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Individuals who are waiting for a decision on their asylum application or who have been granted Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) in the UK as a result of an asylum claim do not have equal access to university.

They must pay the same fees as international students and have no access to student loans and grants. 

This excludes most from furthering their education.

As a student network, STAR believes that this is wrong and that colleges and universities should have fair admissions policies for all.

  • How can you expect someone who cannot work and who lives on £36 a week to pay £8,500 to £29,200 a year in university fees?
  • How can you claim that someone who has fled their country of origin to avoid war, torture and persecutionis the same as an international student who has chosen to study in Britain?
  • What is the future going to look like if people seeking protection cannot learn the skills they need to build a future?
NUS and STAR are campaigning together to open colleges and universities to those seeking refugee protection in the UK. We want:

  • All those seeking refugee protection to be able to study as home students
  • Students seeking refugee protection to be recognised as having additional needs just like other people and to be given the same access to additional support, such as bursaries

A number of universities have already adopted Equal Access including Manchester, Leeds and Royal Holloway.

We're calling on UCL, London's Global University, to ensure real equal access to higher education for asylum seekers and those with discretionary leave to remain. The Provost, Malcolm Grant, has the power to change the college's policy on university fees and grants for those seeking protection. We'd like to show him just how many people believe in equal access to higher education for all.  

Want to get more involved in the campaign? Contact UCLU Student Action for Refugees at their Facebook Page, Twitter Account or Blogspot




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