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Abolish Pennsylvania Liquor Control

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Pennsylvania was founded on freedom. From the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia, to Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, the energy of this original spirit still rings in the air. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, rich with natural resources, history, culture, education, and entreprneurial spirit. Yet, the state continues to struggle to retain and attract new residents. There are several factors contributing to these difficulties, and we believe one of these factors to be the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board detracts from the states potential in several ways. Firstly, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board creates an unfriendly business environment by not allowing for independent entrepreneurs to run their own business that may or may not include the taxable sale of alcoholic beverages. Restaurants profit from the sale of alcoholic beverages when that choice is fully available on menus and in their own bars. Grocery stores enhance profits from the sale of alcoholic beverages and allow consumer choice and tastes to dictate their stock. All of these business create jobs and broaden the tax base of the state. Secondly, nightclubs and bars profit only from the sale of alcoholic beverages. These establishments are a vital part of the social life of many people under 40, who are the citizens which keep our state energetic and forward moving. Because of the difficulty the current system creates in granting liquor licenses, we have less of these establishments thus minimizing the excitement and fun that draws young new citizens to our cities and towns. The result is less residents who are in their primary earning and spending years. Thirdly, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board actually costs Pennsylvania money. When a cap is placed on when, where, and how alcoholic beverages whill be distributed and sold, a cap is also being placed on the amount of taxable sales that are collected by the state. Jobs are not created in new restaurants, grocery stores, nightclubs, and independent stores and taxable wages are lost. People wary of a state controlled system cross the borders of the state and purchase alcoholic beverages elsewhere thus taxable sales are lost. Pennsylvania should be a state of freedom, not of opression. The archaic and unneccesary system of state controlled liquor stores should be abolished immediately. Allow Pennsylvania to grow and move into the future, and still be a state where liberty prevails. This petition will be mailed via post and email by June 30, 2006. If you support liberty, freedom, and choice in Pennsylvania please add your signature below.


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