We Demand The End of Gary Bettman's Tenure In The NHL.

Harpreet Setia
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We the undersigned, do hereby declare our distaste, distrust and absolute disatisfaction with the conduct of officials and other governing members of the National Hockey League. Thus it is we who now demand the end of the tenure of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman, who is to be immediately given leave of his duties for said position. We, the fans of the National Hockey League, and more specifically the Canadian fans of the National Hockey League have watched as our teams have been unfairly treated during these games by the inept officiating of NHL referees. Whilst clearly not the only reason for teams winning or losing in these playoffs, these officials have swayed momentum in ways which are unacceptable to any normal fan of any sense to this sport we all love and hold dear to our hearts. Therefore, as commissioner of the NHL it is beholden unto Gary Bettman as to the place of blame upon these recent and not so recent proceedings. We, the undersigned, demand his immediate removal following these 2009-2010 NHL Playoffs without prejudice. We promise action, we promise protest and we promise boycott if this simple demand is not met and change is not found soon within the practices of the NHL or its officials. The time for referees dictating play on our ice is over, and we still not stand for this theft any longer. For if the NHL cannot prove it is fair and just in officiating, then the league itself can no longer be viewed as professional in any sense of the word. Sincerely, the Undersigned.




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