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Disband the National Council of Churches

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To People of Faith Internationally: The NCC is an obsolete entity that has no place in the diverse religious and spiritual landscape of twenty first century America; especially in an America that is under attack from external as well as internal enemies out to destroy the Union, the American way of life, and all that we hold sacred and dear. It is no secret that the NCC\'s sympathies usually slant towards individuals, groups, movements, and concepts that are anathema to American ideals of democracy, and religious freedom. Throughout its different incarnations, the NCC has always existed as a subversive political anti American organization rather than the religious body it pretends to be. Abuses of the NCC: 1. Currently involved in an intensive \"Action Days on Iraq\" campaign to stop the United States from taking just military action against the Iraqi dictatorship; and strengthening the security of the American people. 2. Practicing unpatriotic, un-American, blame America first attitudes without acknowledging the heinous human rights abuses carried out by dictators like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, and Kim Chong-il. 3. Championing secular, atheist, liberation theology. 4. Ignores human rights abuses worldwide & in nations where the NCC is heavily involved. Cuba for example. 5. Coddling and sympathizing with brutal dictatorships in Iraq, Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Sudan, China, various terrorist groups, and historically with the late Soviet Block, Vietnam, and the Nicaraguan Sandinistas. 6. Ignores and belittles dissidents, oppositionists, human rights activists, and religious opposed to tyranny in the aforementioned nations. 7. Worked on behalf of the Cuban dictatorship and on orders of Fidel Castro, the Clinton administration, INS, Janet Reno, and various business interests like Archer Daniels Midland to return Elian Gonzalez to Fidel Castro


The International Committee for Human Rights in Cuba / New York Artists for Democracy in Cuba Project.


Stop the NCC BLOG Stop the Church Council of Seattle from helping Fidel Castro\'s anti human rights dictatoship in Cuba.
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