Petition to End Staff Parking Charges at AU

Andrew Isherwood
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We, the staff of Aberystwyth University, petition the university authorities to cease the vehicle parking charge levied against employees.

The working contract expects the employee to attend their place of work but it should not demand that said employee be charged for doing so – any more than they pay rent for the office space they occupy in the normal execution of their duties.

Claims that these charges are necessary to offset the costs of administering the parking system are quite misleading, as are claims that they are commonplace elsewhere.

The university authority planned and approved this scheme and also determined that the staff would be made to pay the associated costs.

On a point of principle, it is morally indefensible for the university to supplement its income by seeking to raise revenue from its employees.

This is a policy that, unfortunately, demonstrates the universities disregard for the positive and trusting relationship that an employer should aim to develop with staff members.

We urge you, if you agree that it is unacceptable we be made to pay to attend our place of work, to please add your signature to this petition so that we may strongly protest this inappropriate and unreasonable levy.

This petition has been organised by Monica Decelis (mwd),  Andrew Isherwood (aai), Jonathon Davies (djd), Dominika Komaniecka (ddk)





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