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End Outsourcing and Bring American Jobs Home

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Fellow Americans:  Greetings.  As you well know, despite a 700 billion dollar bailout, the economy and job growth is still faltering at a drastic rate in the United States of America.  Part of the reason for this is that many corporations seeking to turn a fast dollar are investing with China instead of the US.  This is because China is engaging in the economic policy of holding down the value of its currency, the Yuan, in comparison to the Dollar.  It's as if all of China is 'on sale'.  Corporations' only obligation is to their bottom line.  Keeping this in mind it's easy to see why they would invest so heavily overseas.  With the value of Chinese currency so low compared to ours and the fact that US corporations are not obligated to pay foreigners American mininum wages it is not likely that the businesses currently investing in China will invest anywhere else unless something is done. 


In order to stop our jobs from hemmorhaging away overseas something needs to be done about outsourcing.  This petition asks Congress to pass legislation making it harder for greedy corporations to rob Americans of their right to work.  There are a number of things that can be done by changing the outsourcing laws.  They include:  Creating taxes on outsourced labor that would force corporations to pay the same amount for labor aboard as they would for labor at home.  Forcing corporations to pay American minimum wages to foreigners.  Outlaw Outsourcing altogether and gradually return our infrastructure to the US.


We will let Congress decide which decision out of many is best, or which combination, but we MUST express our disgust with the situation. Otherwise corporations and the polititians in their pockets will continue to treat themselves to discount labor overseas while the rest of us continue to suffer privations and poverty.


Please sign this petition today.  Thank you.


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