End 9 percent Fee on Ebay shipping charges

Bill Plunkett
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I don't know when this practice started But I noticed a rise in my account charges. I closely checked my account balance and noticed a fee charged on shipping. I phoned Ebay and asked what this charge was and was told by the customer service rep. that it was a 1 percent charge. Doing simple math would easily tell you it was not 1 but 9 percent. If I charge the customer actual shipping now I am losing 9 percent on every transaction. This practice does not seem fair for those of us who charge honest shipping rates. The fee obviously was instated so ebay would make money on those people who charged way more for shipping and sold their item cheap to avoid high final sale fees. Putting a charge on the shipping was not the answer as it now drives up shipping rates for buyers. Volume sales for Ebay should be the key to higher profits NOT GREED and higher rates.





  • 5 years ago
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