Employee Counseling

Sharanaraj Dayanand
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what is Employee counseling ?

Counseling is an act of helping, which takes place when
an individual person, in trouble or difficulty or facer of any
problem, seeks out someone in whom he has got confidence. – Counseling seeks to
improve themental health  of
the individuals.

1)It deals with the

problems of the individuals, related to their emotions. In the counseling

process, non-emotional problems are not dealt with viz., Job related Technical,

Legal, financial advice etc.;

2)It is exchanging of ideas between two persons – means an act of two way communication;

3)It helps thecounselee (individuals) to improve his performance through behavioural change andco-operate with others in improving the organizational performance;

         4)Counseling helps organization (any type) to improve organizational performance, because employees/individuals are not worried about their personals problems, and tend to be more co-operative;




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