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Make Emetophobia Known and Help Those Who Suffer!

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A fear of vomit/vomiting.

A fear of; seeing someone vomit and/or vomiting yourself.

Hi, My name's Kara Overton.
I'm starting this petition so I can hopefully get a couple hundred people to sign this petition so I can start a campaign and awareness about it.

Now, a fear of vomit/vomiting may not seem like a big deal, but just like any phobia, (that you may have) you'd know that if severe enough you would rather kill yourself/die than have to face your fear.

A lot of kids/adults die every year from suicide and 30% of these suicides are from depression/anxiety/fears etc.
And from every emetophobia sufferer I have met and spoken to, 90% of them have attempted suicide and/or have thought "I would rather die than have to vomit"

I have suffered from Emetophobia for almost 7 years.
One woman I have spoken to has had Emetophobia for a gruling 40+ years.

I have spoken to men, women, teenagers all over the world who suffer with this, and I thought it was about time to not only help myself but to help others.

I and many others who suffer from this phobia have the effects of severe anxiety/panick attacks, depression, severe nausea, etc.
I suffer from severe nausea 24/7 and have for almost 7 years.

They say that the fear comes from a past traumatic expierience with vomit in some way, whether it being something you have expierienced yourself or seen someone else go through.

I have been through hypnotherapy and found out that my anxiety/fear started from when I was in my mothers womb.
She had a bad sickness happen whilst I was in her womb which triggered my anxiety which then later on the Emetophobia kicked in.

Now i'm not here to make this all about me.
But this is a really horrible thing to go through.
As well as anyone with Anxiety/depression/a phobia.

So please Sign this petition, it will only take 2 seconds! then share amongst your friends and family so I can get this ball rolling and help all Emetophobes/anxiety/depression/panick attack sufferers know they aren't alone and to make themselves feel better.


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