Broadhead Fording Project

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We, the undersigned, representing a significant majority of the local community of Fairywood hereby provide our signatures to this letter of community support on behalf of Tryko Partner’s purchase of the vacant URA parcels in the Broadhead Fording project. Tryko Partner’s affiliate is the owner of Emerald Gardens Apartments, a 436 units apartment community in the neighborhood of Fairywood. Tryko Partners has made a significant monetary investment (in the tens of millions of dollars) in turning around the neighborhood, not to mention the very significant amount of time they have spent doing so. We urge the URA and all of our local elected officials to approve the sale of the aforementioned project to Tryko Partners as soon as possible. Tryko’s insight and expertise can be trusted to provide a further significant upgrade to our community and their already submitted architectural plans will only be a benefit for the community. We believe it is disingenuous to bring in any one else to acquire the project after Tryko has already proven to be experts at improving the vibrancy and safety of our neighborhood and know the dynamics related thereto. Please allow this letter of community support to evidence our unwavering support for Tryko’s plans upon purchase of the project and request that the project be sold to them immediately.



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