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This petition was created on behalf of all personnel who has signed this document and or worked for Over the last year, numerous of employees and or (Free Lancers) have come forth with issues and concerns. They were told solutions to those problems but those problems were never fixed and more problems in time have arose. These are some of the issues that the party would like to be discussed publicly and or changed at the earliest time possible with full disclosure.

General List of some issues/fixes:

  1. The percentage of pay increased to 50% and or higher from the current sub 50%.
  2. Less unkempt promises and more action, Ex. Pay Bonus through out the year, promised site changes
  3. Reasonably get back to people within a short time span and or hire more staff
  4. Clarify the rules and how they are enforced, as docks were not 100% justified
  5. Publicly announce all changes that affect staff, and make sure its understood across the board.
  6. Increased consistency on payout dates, and or when they are announced with clarification on total amount,fines etc
  7. Consistency in web development and or web developer
  8. Owner/Employer should not take cuts from tips and in result give the full out to the party that earned them.
  9. Transfers of orders or requests, should not take days to complete, they should be completed ASAP with constant status updates
  10. etc

This in no way, was created and or conducted to sabotage and or ruin the name of Purpose was to create better working conditions and point out issues that are holding the site back from the other sites. We also have nothing against you personally, all issues are directed at the site.

Some of the signed parties, are willing to discuss the issues and have them fixed with in a time frame both parties can agree on, before leaving/quitting EloBoost.Us if the result is failed.

Grammar and formatting will be changed over time

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