Elmira Park Resurfacing Petition

Carl Capps
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Hello Durham Parks and Recreation (DPR) staff:

     My name is Carl Capps. I am submitting this petition on behalf of the Durham citizens to inform your selection committee of the strong community-based desire for the tennis courts of Elmira Park (EP) in central Durham to be the next courts to undergo renovation. There are numerous factors that make EP's courts the perfect choice to be resurfaced next. Some of theses factors are the central location, the current hazardous conditions, and the frequency of usage.
     First, let's look at the location. EP is centrally located in the heart of Durham, North Carolina. This location makes travel equidistant to and from any part of the city. 
     And lastly, the frequency of usage is the strongest factor that makes EP the best choice for undergoing renovation. 



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