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Eliminate Mandatory Minimums In NC

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The State of North Carolina, under Structured Sentencing, has laws requiring inmates to serve at least a mandatory minimum of their sentence. This law, in addition to the fact that there is no parole in NC, keeps inmates incarcerated no matter how much progress they have made or rehabilitation they have diligently worked toward.

This bill was introduced in 2009. It was never voted on, it was never repealed...it was never addresed. We suggest that Senate Bill 589-2009/2010 Session be brought back to the Senate and that the laws requiring mandatory minimums be eliminated.

Please sign this petition if you support reinstating Senate Bill 589-Session 2009/2010 and the elimination of mandatory minimums in the state of North Carolina.

Please pass this petition on to everyone you know. Some people will sign if they know about it.

Use the comment section to explain why you feel that we need this bill passed. Some people do not understand what the elimination of mandatory minimums will do for the inmates, the families of inmates, the communities, and the taxpayers....this is where you can tell them!!!

Please see my blog...it will explain why this is a law that definitely needs to be changed. The blog can also be used in much more detail with no length restrictions to explain your feelings regarding this issue, so blog too if you would like.

Thank you for your support!!!

Bring back PAROLE in North Carolina!

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Cost of Supervision
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Cost of Prison Incarceration

daily cost
per inmate
yearly cost
per inmate
Minimum Custody $64.36 $23,491
Medium Custody $77.30 $28,214
Close Custody $93.57 $34,153
Average $76.02 $27,747

Cost of Community Corrections Supervision

daily cost
per offender
yearly cost
per offender
Community/Intermediate probation supervision $3.57 $1,303
Community Service Work Program $1.29 $471
Drug Screening (Cost per sample) $4.14 each tested sample
Criminal Justice Partnership Program (Sentenced offender) $11.62 $4,241
Electronic Monitoring and GPS $13.28 $4,847

Cost of Substance Abuse Treatment

daily cost
per offender
In-prison treatment $17.10
DART Cherry - Male probationers/parolees $50.16
Black Mountain Substance Abuse Treatment Center for Women $158.32
Private Treatment Beds $80.63

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