Electric Cigarettes

Robert Barclay
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                                          ELECTRIC CIGARETTES

           I would like to collect as many signatures as possible, the reason been

          I want to know and im sure all users of e-cigs will want to know.

     What our  Government and the MHRA and EU is planning, and does your MP support the recent recommendations of the FCTC Secretariat to the Fifth Conference of the Parties to the FCTC.

Whether your MP is prepared to ask a question of the current health minister to seek assurances that e-cigs will no be legislated or taxed out of existence.

 I use an e-cig, and that it is being used as a harm reduction device

               I am asking all e-cig user to stand as one

                      For this petition to be sent or presented to Downing Street

                          Not for e-cigs to be band. What the MHRA and the E U are planing.


                               E-cig user Mr Robert Barclay






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