Tell the states to refuse to cast their electoral votes

Brian Ramey
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According to the US constitution, if one third of states do not cast their electoral votes, then the electoral college will not decide the next president, and the matter will instead fall upon the House of Representatives. Many Americans are fed up with the current administration and many believe that we need a new president. Regardless of whether you dislike Mitt Romney or anyone else for that matter, if you are one of the Americans who believe that Barack Obama is a horrible president and that just about anybody could do better than him, then forcing the electoral college to not cast their votes is almost a guaranteed way of costing him the presidency. The House of Representatives is controlled by Republicans right now and if the House were to decide the next president they would definitely not pick Barack Obama. Sign this petition to demand that the states refuse to cast their electoral votes. We only need 18 states to do this and Obama is almost guaranteed to lose. Sign it quickly as time is running out. In addition, call your local congressmen/congresswomen and senators. Tell them that you are demanding your state not cast its electoral votes. This isn't just about politics. It's about saving the future of the country and getting that evil socialist out of the white house.




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    Brian Ramey United States
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