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Last Wednesday,in the match between Egypt and Algeria in Sudan and the world everywhere didn't make a single move even the media outside Egypt didn't show the slaughtery that took place that day. Egyptians in Sudan attending the match were terrified to death.Algerians attending the match in Sudanese Stadium were a bunch of prisonners, and criminals.They had knives with them in the stadium.After the match ended,Egyptians getting out of the stadium were attacked by hundreds of algerians who just came to attack them, they came in algerian army planes, not civilian ones. This was definitly arranged, I urge you to please open your eyes and see the facts that there is a conspiracy against Egypt,Algeria Should be disqualified from World cup and this is the least Fifa can do after what happened also in the match from agressive Algerian players who were attacking and beating the Egyptian players all the time. Disqualify Algeria..Sports are about Respect not criminalism.This will show the world the truth. NO ALGERIANS DIED IN EGYPT. The Algerian Ambassador in Egypt LEFT his position because He knows that no Algerians died in Eg, these are all lies and he is afraid for his life. This is very unfair what has been said about Eg. Please See the facts. GO to TOGETHER AGAINST ALGERIAN VIOLENCE gp on Facebook and you will see for yourselves.




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