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THE ONLY PURPOSE OF THIS LETTER IS GETTING YOUR SUPPORT...ONLY IF YOU AGREE. Before I start explaining the reason for your support, I would appreciate that all of you forward this letter to the students you know stayed in Eileen and know what kind of work I did. I am missing a lot of e-mail addresses. EF decided not to book (not to send) any more students to Eileen Way. The students currently staying in Eileen will be moved to another house on March 15, 2009. Some of the complaints have arrived to the main office in Boston, and I will not discuss this in my letter because this is NOT THE PURPOSE. I just want to speak up and let EF Director of School and EF Main office in Boston (If necessary) know about my effort, support, time, and energy in Eileen. I want a good letter of reference/recommendation for the work I am still doing. I think some of the complaints might reflex on me, diminishing all my work. Please, take a good look to this situation. I want that the EF director or EF main office know that, indeed, I performed a heck of a job in the 16 months I have been in this house up to this date (2-11-09) and that I, alone, was basically in charge of a large amount of students (Currently, 34 students in the house). Although I was not hired by EF, EF staff knew I was the residential assistant at Eilleen Way. My verbal agreement with the owner of the house, Richard Meaney and Ness Carrol, was only an exchange of room and board for oversee 16 Foreign Exchange Students, be present to assist student during dinner time, and light clean up in the kitchen. I want the school to know that I played different roles (Supervisor, house manager, maintenance, cleaning, informal counselor, and a role model to every student). Some of you needed more support than others, and I was present and available for you. It is unfair that some of the complaints could affect all my effort. Karim: I must refresh your memory that during a very hard time for some students and myself (only one bathroom and one room were messy, and some of the students (who came from Valerio residency, and the Green House) were together in same room with 2 others), who ignored my requests and interest in keeping that room clean. I want to clarify that we have had same amount of students (6) in same room and the bathroom and room keeps neatly arranged daily, and some of the students I am sending this e-mail can confirm this. Although I agree, and I made requests to the house owner about hiring someone to do deep cleaning (roof, fans, windows, doors etc) at least once monthly, I managed and supervised all of you on a 24 hours/ 7 days week in order to keep all common areas (kitchen, living room, dining room, stairs etc) clean and comfortable for all of us to enjoy. I was always checking and assisting with the cleaning of bathrooms, rooms, and providing as much support as I could. Every time one of you felt frustrated about an overcrowded house, about students coming and go in such a short time, about not having enough room where to place your belongings, about noise, about a stuck or broken sink, about some of your housemates leaving the bathroom dirty, I gave you all my support: (listened, assisted, came with ideas to solve the problem if your host parents could not come as soon as you wanted). I even brought dressers, night stands, lamps, and tables for some of you to put your belongings, fruits, made pancakes or baked cakes, and listened to your concerns. I was also a personal assistant and/or a guide tourist for some of: drove you to places, linked you to community resources (YMCA, SBCC adult classes), took you to the doctor, helped you buying stuff on line, and confirmed trips. I might consider working for an international school in the future and I want EF International School recognize my assistance and at least give me a letter of recommendation. Remember, I cannot get into specifics about what might going on between the school and the owner's of the house. I AM STANDING UP FOR MY SELF and asking for what I BELIEVE I DO DESERVE. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. ZENA CLEMENTS PLEASE PRINT YOUR NAME AND YOUR COUNTRY AND WRITE A SHORT COMMENT ABOUT ONLY ABOUT MY WORK/ME, IF YOU WISH.

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