More Grants, Less Loans.

Wesley Hickok
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Debt is a major issue in this country and in part that debt is created by individuals who are members of the middle class, who are smart enough to realize the only way to ultimately improve your situation is to obtain higher education degrees.  However, if you're a member of the middle class you also know how difficult it is to not only acquire student loans but to pay them back.  This is where the government needs to step in and provide more grant opportunities to individuals who wish to seek higher education.  It should be a right, not a priveledge to go to school.  We need more opportunities for student grants and less need to go into debt over loans.  We also need some assistance in paying back those loans.  The interest rates are killers and in today's economy especially, getting out of student loan debt has become near impossible.  It just grows and grows and the average middle class worker isn't making enough income to support a family, pay the bills, and pay back thousands upon thousands in student loan debt.  There is assistance programs for virtually everything else.  Why is there not one for something like this where there is an obvious need for it?






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