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Budget Cuts Murdering Schools

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Budget Cuts Murdering Schools The main goals of our campaign is to stop budget cuts in education and give schools a proper or equal amount of the education budget so the school can provide a proper education to all children. We want Governor Patterson and Mayor Bloomberg to change what they are doing. NO MORE BUDGET CUTS ON EDUCATION IN NEW YORK!!! Budget cuts are not just hurting schools they are hurting the childrenâs future with lower budgets on schools more schools will fail because they canât provide a proper education to all the children. We have to stop budget now before our schools and our children suffer. We also have to provide a proper amount of the education budget to all schools so all schools can provide a proper and equal education to every child. Schools in New York are getting huge budget cuts. That means there will be less schools supplies, fewer teachers, more crowed classrooms, more schools closing, more failing schools, more failing children and etc. NYC has been getting the biggest budget cut in education in New York State this is really unfair to the children that are living in NYC. Schools in that New York City have gotten less money than other schools outside this city so children in NYC have been getting less education than others children outside this city which is unfair. People should care about this problem because children are our future. If they arenât given a proper education because of the budget cuts there will be no future for us or our children. Also more schools will fail and there will be less successful children. Also with budget cuts more teachers will be fired and classrooms will be more crowded. Here is an article below showing this injustice. Promises fade as budget cuts hit schools hard Sunday, March 16th 2008, 4:00 AM âBroken promises. That's what the cuts in education funding proposed by Mayor Bloomberg are, as far as the Keep the Promises Coalition is concerned. Not only have more than $324 million in cuts been proposed for the coming school year, but the city already imposed a surprise midyear cut of $100 million. It was so much of a surprise that principals found out about it through an e-mail they received late Jan 30. The message told them that by the next day, the money would be taken out from their budgets. The reason given was simple and not without merit: The city is facing tough financial times, and all agencies are suffering budget cuts. The surprise hit to the schools, the e-mail explained, was part of the mayor's effort to control spending by city agencies. Yet it is the future of New York that we are talking about here - and it has to be a priority. Cutting education funds is a shortsighted decision whose negative consequences are sure to be felt for many years to come. Already the midyear cuts have hit the public education system like a ton of bricks. A survey of 375 New York public schools conducted by the Keep the Promises Coalition shows that many of them have had to reduce or eliminate after-school programs, weekend classes and tutoring services, books, supplies and teacher training. The impact is certain to be much greater if the budget cuts proposed for next year are approved. The mayor's broken promises are having a direct and very negative impact on immigrant students. In his preliminary budget, he eliminates an existing allocation of $15 million that would have gone toward 113 English-language-learner teaching positions this year, and approximately 226 positions next year. Yet last year, Mayor Bloomberg had agreed to allocate more resources to stem the dropout crisis facing English-language learners. Fourteen percent of the city's students are recently arrived immigrants who are not yet proficient in English - and they are quitting school in record numbers. Obviously, the resources being cut are desperately needed to integrate these kids into American society and give them a chance to succeed. "Immigrants are among the hardest hit by the mayor's budget cuts, and they are among the city's most vulnerable populations," said Chung-Wha Hong, executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition.â Schools in NYC get less money than other schools outside the city in New York state this is like segregation because in the pass black people go to all black schools and white people go to all white schools but black people schools get less money than white school. So blacks get less education than white people in the past. Like right now NYC Schools get less money than schools outside the city so children in NYC get less education than other schools outside this city. This is like saying people outside the city are better than people in NYC. Also in the past Mother Jones fought for children rights so they can stop working in factories and go to school to get an education. Most poor families have less educated children and most of the rich families' children have more education. So this shows that the students don't get equal education like today. Rich children in the past can pay to be educated but poor children canât go to school because the lack of money so they will be poorly educated. If NYC schools are given less money than other schools outside this city the children in NYC will be poorly educated and we donât want that. Also we shouldnât be cutting schools budgets. If schools are given less money they canât provide a good education to the children.

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