Educating Child Custody Judges in Child Development

Sunny Fechner
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Child custody Judges need to be required to become educated in Child Development.  Most judges are simply "glorified attorneys" and know nothing about the basic emotional needs of children. It needs to mandatory that a Judge dealing with custody issues has some sort of training whether a specialized class or a degree.  Too many children are being put at risk or in danger because a judge makes a misinformed or uneducated decision.  Children are often taken from their primary caregiver at a young age simply because the other parent had a better attorney or they make more money.  Money does not raise emotionally stable and healthy kids. Love, consistency, stability, trust and a secure attachment are the things that help a child grow into a successful and happy adult. 


When a young child is taken from their primary caregiver they often think that this person has abandoned them and they form serious attachment disorders.  Later in life they are unable to trust and have problems forming lasting relationships and can often become a menace to society.  Their most important bond at a young age can be ruined due to a Judge making a careless decision and not thinking about the needs of the child.  How can these children be expected to thrive and become successful citizens when they are being set up for failure by a Judge that knows nothing about child development or the true situation in the home?


We as citizens need to do something about this because these children are our future leaders and they deserve the best lives possible. Please help support this cause so that the children who have to suffer with divorce and separation will have a fair shot at a stable and happy life and their needs rather than the parents will be put first when deciding custody.