To progressively change public communications into educational information on meta-cognition.

Bryon Garret
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We write to you in hopes that this petition can do something along the lines of improvement. I have been deeply concerned for some time now on the very true issue that our educational system, & media is not teaching our children how to be meta-cognitive, only to think sub-consciously. We the people must now sit back, & take a look at why things are. Meta-cognition is the utter most fundamental lesson there is. We as a people simply inherit this earth as a gift from our children, and our children's children who need this planet in the future. We must examine what we allow to be communicated in our society to make it paradise. Especially for our kids. Meta-cognition is something beautiful, natural, & good it lets allow the truth be told. Simplified a world without meta-cognition, & true psychology would be us teaching our public what to think, & not how to think. So we never learn how to think. We must change this so that all entertainment, & media must contain three warning labels in the beginning, middle, & endings of media, & programs. When the government communicates with the public there too must also be present two warnings. Warnings from teachers, authority figures, and TV. Public schools must teach it, & universal wisdom at least 1 hour everyday. Public programs must teach it, & basic universal wisdom at least once for each separate participation. Warning labels that express caution they must mainly express to the public that the public must apply universal wisdom, & meta-cognition when receiving any form of communication, or mimicking any other sources ideals. To help the public reach true enlightenment, & become fully conscious beings. Once enlightenment begins to be reached its only a small matter of time till we discover the tools, and love we all have within can be used to make the planet a paradise. So please our fellow citizen vote for our petition to help humanity reach our full unbound potential by reforming our communication to a more better, and humane form.



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