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Educate, Don\'t Medicate

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We the undersigned do hereby declare to the elected Representatives of our State Florida to find another way to educate our children and NOT medicate them, as a first choice. We find the passive consent of promoting psychotropic medications in schools is contrary to the best interest of our citizens and the health and development of our children. We believe that developing educational solutions to the inattentiveness, boredom and lack of self discipline is the responsibility of us all - and utilizing family strengthening solutions helps the child, parent and community. We demand that our Legislators, educators and our Health regulators acknowledge that there is no scientific evidence of any biological illness called ADD/ADHD/Depression. Any biological reasons for the symptoms of inattentiveness hyperactivity or unhappiness are purely speculative. We recognize that there are choices which can train people to focus, relax, organize and reconnect that have no negative side effects and many positive ones. By the signing of this Petition we call upon our Politicians, Educators and Health Administrators to find another way. Stop medicating our children and forcing them into drug addicts with toxic psychotropic drugs. Educate, Don


The Clear Minded Children\'s Program - is a specially designed, experientially oriented educational program to help students on psychiatric medications become medication free. The program enable those not on medication to develop greater abilities to succeed and feel good about themselves and their families. This program is designed to be a first choice before choosing the potentially dangerous and addictive drugs like Ritalin, Adderal, Zoloft and Prozac etc. It is also designed to help those that are resently on medications get off them to build resources that make drugs unnecessary.\" This program acts as a training guide for teachers and parents to use these proven techniques in order to to develop better connections and relationships that enhance learning, concentration, relaxation and choice abilities.

Links F.R.E.E.S. is a non profit 501(c)3 foundation dedicated to the mental, spiritual and physical health of our community. (The Foundation of Research for the Evolution and Enlightenment of the Spirit) currently sponsors the Quantum Healing Center in downtown Delray Beach. The Center provides workshops, seminars and training programs for non-medication solutions for ADD/ADHD. The Clear Minded Children\'s Program (CMCP) is for children being treated for ADD, ADHD, Depression or Anxiety with Ritalin, Prozac or other pharmaceutical drugs. The CMCP is done with the child\'s medical professionals cooperation to wean them off medication while teaching them workable new skills of concentration, relaxation, healthy channeling of their energy and better choice making skills Meditation, Yoga, Bioenergetics, Hypnosis, NLP, Quantum Psychology and other alternative approaches are used to develop their abilities
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