The Eddy Minimum

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Jack Eddy was a solar scientist who discovered the sunspot period known as the "Maunder Minimum" in the 1970's, and despite intense academic pressure of the consensus then, argued that this demonstrated that our sun was not constant, but indeed a slightly variable star. A humble man, he didn't even name his discovery after himself as some scientists are known to do. Jack Eddy recently passed away, as announced on the blog Watts Up With That here: Fellow solar astronomer and friend Dr. Leif Svalgaard announced in comments there: [At the Solar Physics Division [of the American Astronomical Society] next week in Boulder, CO, I will formally request that if a significant solar minimum materializes that it be called the "Eddy Minimum"] If you support this idea, please sign the petition so that Leif can present it with his suggestion. To read an interview with Dr. Eddy that will give you some insight into why this petition has merit, see the related links on the right sidebar. Thank you for your consideration. - Anthony Watts


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