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eBay- What About Seller Protection

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Do you sell things on eBay Are you aware that eBay has recently made changes to it\'s Buyer Protection Policies View these changes here: eBay wants us to continue selling, paying money to list items, paying PayPal fees, offering refunds so that buyers can have peace of mind while we continue to be open to abuse from unscrupulous members who want something for nothing and no longer have to worry about receiving a negative feedback!! This is so unfair, what about our rights as sellers What about fairness and balance eBay have taken away our ability to warn other sellers about dodgy buying practises, they\'ve taken our voice and I for one want it back! If you disagree with eBay\'s new policy, PLEASE sign this petition and pass it on to anyone you think it may affect. I both buy and sell on eBay and have been a happy member for a number of years now, only experiencing the odd headache (item not received, item not paid for etc) I always leave feedback as a service to other members and as a courtesy to those with whom i\'ve had a pleasant experience, whether it\'s buying or selling, naturally I also appreciate getting good feedback. Recently I had a difficult buyer, I won\'t bore you with the details but she requested a refund as she claimed the item I sold her was not accurately described (it was). After a brief argument I refunded her as it was only a few pounds and she wasn\'t going to drop it, but I resolved to leave feedback that I deemed appropriate for the transaction (at the risk of her retaliating by also leaving me negative feedback and ruining my good reputation). I was horrified to discover that a seller can no longer leave anything but positive feedback for a buyer!! If you\'ve had a similar experience with a buyer or know anyone who has then please sign the petition, we need to get our seller\'s rights back! eBay seller preferences aren\'t always a trusty indication of a good buyer, my buyer had 100% positive feedback, no unpaid item strikes, she paid with PayPal and lives in the UK but she still scammed me and i\'m sure she\'ll continue to do it to others now that she doesn\'t have to worry about getting negative feedback! For all you know, she\'s getting ready to bid on one of your items as you read this!! Save your future on eBay and sign the petition NOW!!


All eBay sellers who wish to protect their good reputations and not get scammed!!

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  • vincent valenzuela
    vincent valenzuela United States, Chula Vista
    Nov 20, 2016
    Nov 20, 2016
    I agree, buyers can get away with too much and leave the seller screwed out of money and sometimes even the time.
  • David Hook
    David Hook United Kingdom, Milton Keynes
    Oct 09, 2016
    Oct 09, 2016
    Sick of their arrogance and being treated like a naughty school kid.
  • Alun Harrison
    Alun Harrison United Kingdom, Ossett
    Jul 19, 2016
    Jul 19, 2016
    Ebay are ripping off sellers and it needs to be stopped.
  • Anonymous
    Jan 12, 2016
    Jan 12, 2016
    I've had enough!
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    marty United Kingdom
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    caryn willmott United Kingdom
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