Ebay Buyers Must Pay In 2 Days

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Ebay allows buyers 4 days to pay. If they don't you as a seller can open an Unpaid Item Case against them in 48 hours. However Ebay then provides the buyer another 4 days to pay.
Ebay is the only internet commerce driven web site that allows such abuse.
A buyer should not be allowed 4 days to pay, only to not pay, than receive another 4 day grace period where they just walk away without penalty.
The buyer does not have to respond to the seller's case or reply to the seller. The buyer does not have to pay. Quite often the buyer, unless they've abused the privilege, walks away without penalty because they can.
Ebay enables scammers. Buyers or someone alleging to be a reputable/trustworthy buyer to bid, often feverishly on an item.
They do so because they know they can. They do so because nothing will happen to them. They have no intention of paying.
Buyers should have no more than 48 hours to pay. When they don't the seller should have the right to re-list the item(s) automatically.
The seller shouldn't be penalized. The seller should not be without income for an extended period of time, waiting at least another 4 days for payment which is not often made.
If a seller must open an unpaid item case against a buyer & if that buyer does not pay, ebay should penalize the buyer. The buyer should be billed an "inconvenience," fee. Name it what you will, the buyer should face a minimal financial penalty.
This petition is to change Ebay policy. Sellers should be able to re-list an item with 48 hours of non payment without the need to open an unpaid item case.
If a seller opens an unpaid item case opened against a buyer & if that buyer does not reply for reason of non payment we suggest deducting $5.00 from the buyers account. That is the only way the abuse will stop or minimize.



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