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Dysautonomia Awareness: Kristen's Quest to Meet Ellen Degeneres

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My name is Kristen and I am 22 years old. I have been trying to meet Ellen and other talk show hosts for years now but I can't do it alone. I want to spread awareness about an illness. I have been sick with Dysautonomia for over eight years now. The illness causes all of these things: Hypoglycemia Chronic Fatigue Orthostatic Light-headedness Presyncope Syncope Dizzyness Insomnia Weakness Palpitations Tremulousness Shortness of breath Chest pain Loss of sweating Hyperhidrosis Exacerbation by heat Exercise Intolerability Digestion Dysfunction Paleness Bloating Nausea Vomiting Abdominal pain Constipation Diarrhea Bladder dysfunction Pupillary dysfunction Generalized associated Fatigue Sleep disturbance Migraine headache Myofascial pain Neuropathic pain It has been six years since I started emailing and contacting Ellen. Believe me the length of time has not detoured me and stopped me from trying and reaching for what I believe. I promised myself and all the other kids and adults(who may not even know it) who have this illness that I would spread the word and bring awareness. Dysautonomia will never take away my dreams or my goals for life. I have been working for years to finally get where I am today and I am closer to my dreams than I ever was. Four years ago this month I was barely able to get off my couch or walk without feeling sick and having to sit down. Now I am going to school, getting high grades and stepping closer to being a police officer. I am actually passing out a bit less but that really is the only issue for me now. I have made such an improvement that I feel I am closer to my dreams. Having this illness may have taken a lot from me but it also gave me something I never had before, un-moveable strength. I feel stronger now than I ever was in my entire life and it makes me realize that no matter what happens there is a reason behind it. I will continue to contact Ellen and I am going to write a motivational book to help people who suffer from illnesses. I want to be a motivational speaker and prove to people that even someone who is sick with a chronic illness can have a fulfilling life and get to where they want to be. It may keep you back but it will never permanently keep a person from being themselves to their full potential. Never say you can't, say you can, never say never, say always and never give up, keep trying. I am living proof that nothing can hold down a person that fights for what they believe in. Though I have been fighting for eight years of my life it has finally payed off. I may still be fighting now but each time something positive happens I am closer and I strive even harder. At first it was far away but after every day it grew closer and now I am so close that something good is about to happen. Waiting is the hardest part and I have had to wait for four years. If I have to then I will wait another four years and perhaps then after another four years. It will not make me forget my goals or give up on trying to keep my dreams alive. I am so close that it is exciting and it makes me try ever harder. This proves that nothing is truly too far away to strive for. "Good things will happen to those who wait" and I suppose that I am proof of that. For those of you who are waiting like me don't give up, don't quit and don't get discouraged. You will get there one day. One day you will see that the length of waiting is only a step and not a stop. The best thing to do in this period of waiting is to smile and continue to be happy with everyday. The little things in life are always the greatest things and will lead to the big things that really make a difference. As I get closer I look back and remember where I was on this day and realize "wow I can't believe where I am now!" The changes are so amazing that sometimes I am so happy and shocked that I cry tears of joy. One little day can make such a difference but when those days turn into weeks, months and then years that is when it really hits me. "Oh my God, I have come so far and I have accomplished so much. Yes, I may not have reached my goal yet but look how close I am compared to a day ago, a week ago, a month ago and even a year ago. It is simply amazing and it makes me so happy." The moral of this story is to never give up and to keep believing in what you believe. Never give up. She has inspired me and brought sunshine back into my life so I began to contact her. A year ago I tripled my efforts and began to contact her everyday. I know that she can help me spread awareness and help so many people. My dreams have been to meet Ellen and be on the show to help people understand what Dysautonomia is. I have always believed in Ellen and I know some day I will reach her but I can not do it alone. Please help me to reach out to Ellen. Please. Thank you


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