Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Cinema screening

Carol Lee
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Dear BBC, ODEON, Vue, Cineworld and all other cinemas screening Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in 3D, I am here to politely ask you to extend the screening dates for the 50th Anniversary Special for Doctor Who on 23rd November 2013. Most of the screenings for the special are sold out or has only a few remaining seats left within a few hours of public release. Unfortunately, for many of us we could not get the ticket(s) fast enough, with various reasons such as still being in schools, parents do not know about the show, parents too busy working, adult fans too busy doing work... the list is endless. Also, some of the fans will not be unable to watch it because they do not have free time on this day at that exact time to watch the show. You may be thinking 'Then why can't they watch it on BBC iPlayer?' Our answer is simply because we will miss the beauty of watching the show in 3D. Not all of us have 3D TV in their house and the BBC iPlayer does not support 3D. The show was filmed in 3D for a reason, to satisfy the fans out there, in the world, not for us to miss the glory. Furthermore, we can watch the show on BBC iPlayer for 7 days after its broadcast, so why not do the same for the cinemas? Why can’t we watch the show in the cinemas in 3D after its original release date? I have realised that the majority of the fans are teenagers and children, and because of this reason, my solution to this is to have multiple screenings of the Special on Sunday 24th November, Saturday 30th November and Sunday 1st December several times each day. This way more fans will be able to watch it and have more choice and freedom of when we can watch the show. Thank you for taking your time reading this and I hope you will take this into consideration.





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