Help Our Kids at Duzine - Positive Changes for Recess

Allison Loyer
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We, the parents of students at Duzine Elementary School, are requesting some positive changes to help our children get outside more quickly for recess.  

Ultimately, we would like "Recess Before Lunch" ( implemented at Duzine. 

In the meantime, help the monitors get the children to the playground faster by utilizing the cafeteria door. Reschedule truck deliveries and/or put up orange cones to make a barrier for safety so the kids walk to the playground outside instead of silently through the halls. 

Lastly, we'd like to find an alternative so our kids do not have to wear their snow gear while they eat during the snowy winter months. 

This petition will be sent to Ms. Hogencamp by October 24, 2012. If you support this effort to make positive changes for our children's recess, please add your signature below.





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