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Mike Durig Is Probably Santa Claus

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IS DURGEE SANTA We all know and love Mr. Durig. If you don\'t know him you should meet him - and don\'t shake his hand when you first meet this jolly fellow, he prefers hugs. Now we all remember the days in grade school sitting at the lunch table and arguing about the veracity of Santa Claus. Well come to find out that shit is not real. It\'s a heart breaker when you\'re a kid. Most people just accept the fact that ol\' St. Nick is a lie and move on with their lives. That\'s what i did. Until..... I met Mike Durig. Now it\'s taken me a couple of years to see the full picture here. But in discussions with pals of mine this growing suspicion has been brought up on several occasions. Is Mike Durig Santa Claus Of course not, you may say at first, Durgi-Boy is in his mid twenties, how could he be Santa Well for sometime now there has been no Santa. Our parents have been the ones giving us those presents under the tree. But, it didn\'t start out that way. Santa was a real fella at one point. Is it so absurd to think that Mike Durig is actually the rebirth of Santa Claus. I think not! WHAT\'S THE POINT OF THE PETITION If you are perceptive enough to see that Mike Durig is actually Santa Clause please sign this petition. On November 15 of 2007 a letter will be sent to Mike Durig and Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius demanding that he take the month of December off from work and be Santa Claus full time. This well give him time to give his current employer 2 weeks notice and if appropriate he has the choice to continue work after Christmas. The letter will also state that failure to comply with this request will result in his arrest. At least 6 months in the county jail. (thats why the gov. is involved) BUT HOW WILL MIKE SURVIVE Good question. During the month of September Mike won\'t be receiving his typical paychecks. But being named Santa Claus will undoubtedly bring in some big time endorsement deals. I would like to be his manager but because he is Santa I feel he should get 100% of the money that will come with his endorsements. HOW WILL HE MAKE TOYS AND DELIVER THEM I don\'t have a goddamn clue - I\'m just a typical US citizen. But he\'s Santa for Christ sakes. Surely if he digs deep down he\'ll be able to figure it out. SIGN NOW!! Do it for the kids! Do for Christmas! Do it for America!




Tshirts, Bumper Stickers, Coffee Mugs: coming soon PROOF: coming soon Durig\'s Facebook Account: History of Santa: durig=santa
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