Streetlight at Dunlap Fitness

Ben  Lavallier
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With the recent and continued growth of our new business, Dunlap Fitness, there is much more traffic coming in and out of our, and Trimco's, location. We believe for safety reasons, the city of Dunlap should grant us a streetlight at the end of our drives. Not only will customers be able to find the entrance in the night hours, but oncoming traffic will be able to see that this is a working and higher traffic location. Our customers will also feel better leaving the drive with the added protection of light to the area. We believe there is on average 150 vehicles that come in and out of the drive and it is less than a quarter of a mile from a blind corner. Also, this tends to be a high traffic area with the oncoming traffic already and adding a streetlight would help to increase safety for both parties.




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