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Dumbledore Is NOT Dead!!!

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Author JK Rowling has claimed that \"Dumbledore is definitely dead\" but we fans know better. JK Rowling has already tried fooling us once with her Ron and Hermione debacle. Well, well - fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on you JK Rowling. Why do you enjoy insulting your fans so much, JK You DELIBERATELY wrote the \"death\" scene of Albus Dumbledore so that everyone would doubt he truly died. For as we all KNOW, Professor Severus Snape would NEVER kill Dumbledore!!! That\'s how everyone KNOWS Dumbledore is not really dead, but faked his death and funeral. Harry will need Dumbledore to help him find the rest of the horcruxes and kill Voldemort. But no. Now JK Rowling, you have the AUDACITY to claim that \"Dumbledore is defintely dead.\" Well you\'re not fooling anyone, lady. How DARE you insult and ridicule your fans by making it obvious that Dumbledore did NOT die, and yet at your stupid show announce that he \"is definitely dead.\" The answers can easily be found at Go ahead, go to that website and you will find the truth: Dumbledore froze Harry so that he would be a witness to Dumbledore\'s \"death\". Dumbledore will make everyone believe Draco is dead too. Fawkes doesn\'t try to save Dumbledore. Dumbledore flies into the air when Professor Severus Snape \"curses\" him with \"Avada Kedavra\". Professor Severus Snape would NEVER want to kill Dumbledore, so he could NEVER curse him with Avada Kedavra and make it work. Fawkes healed Dumbledore with his tears. Dumbledore\'s wand is missing. Dumbledore\'s \"body\" is covered up at his \"funeral\". Do we really need to go on Joanne Kathleen Rowling - until you admit that your statement \"Dumbledore is definitely dead\" was nothing but a bad joke, we the undersigned have no choice but to ban your Book 7. It is unfortunate that your readers will not get a chance to read what happens to Harry and his freinds, all because you insist on saying stupid things and treat your readers with no respect.


This petiton is sponsored by readers of the Harry Potter books who are tired of being disrespected by Joanne Kathleen Rowling.

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