Let's make a #DugongEmoji happen!

Pig the Dugong
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Hey Humans! It’s Kerrie, Pig’s Trainer from @sealifesydneyaquarium here! It’s Pig’s 21st birthday next month and we’d LOVE your help for a special birthday surprise!

Word around the aquarium is that for his birthday Pig wants a Dugong emoji! Full credit to modern technology for creating a waterproof phone, but a dedicated emoji to the vulnerable Dugong species would be the icing on the cake for him – as well as helping to raise awareness for all his pals threatened by habitat loss in the big blue! Wouldn’t that be pretty special?

That’s why we’re calling on all Pig’s human pals to help a Dugong out! To show your support for your BFD (Big Friendly Dugong), sign the petition to get a Dugong emoji! Let’s do this! #DugongEmoji



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