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Drop The Bogus Charges Against Javon Jones

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Drop The Bogus Charges Against Javon Jones

On November 8, 2019, Javon Jones of St. Louis, Missouri will face a Bridgeview Illinois Court and judge for an alleged infraction of the law.

Javon Jones had a legally registered firearm in his vehicle while driving from Illinois back to his home state of Missouri. As a result, he faces a possible long term prison sentence. We're asking Illinois State Attorney Kimberly Foxx and the Court to dismiss all charges.

Why Does Javon Jones Keep & Travel With A Firearm?

  1. On October 17, 2018, Danye Jones (the brother of Javon Jones) was founded lynched from a tree in his own mother’s backyard.
  2. The murderers used a white sheet to manufacture the hang-man’s noose.
  3. The knots used in the ligature were common military-style knots unfamiliar to Danye Jones.
  4. The sheet didn't match any sheets in the family home nor were they the kind the family would purchase.
  5. In following Klu Klux Klan tradition, the murderers rolled down Danye Jones’ pants to his ankles exactly as the KKK has done in thousands of other lynching cases.

Despite the overwhelming evidence and facts not shared in this petition, the police shamefully tried to pass the lynching of Danye Jones off as a suicide.

The Jones family are prominent civil rights peace activist in the St. Louis area. Ever since the 2014 civil unrest and riots that swept through Ferguson Missouri, members of entire Jones family have received death threats, hate-filled text messages, late night telephone calls, frequent pull overs by area police, and constant harassment.

This is why Javon Jones owns a firearm and travels with a firearm.


  • We’re asking Illinois State Attorney Kimberly Foxx to consider the unique and unusual risks Javon Jones faces on a daily basis in light of his brother’s murder and ongoing threats to his family.
  • We're asking the State Attorney to consider the nature of the threat Javon Jones faces and his need for fast and expedient access to his firearm and ammunition.

Honorable State Attorney Kimberly M. Foxx has the legal power and authority to dismiss the charges against Javon Jones. The family is respectfully requesting that she exercise her power to dismiss this case.

Kimberly M. Foxx has a Twitter handle.


Please send this ‘tweet’: #DropTheChargesAgainstJavonJones

Office Telephone: (312) 603-1880

Email Address: statesattorney@cookcountyil.gov

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