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Petition to the Commissioners of Santa Fe County

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Petition to the Commissioners of Santa Fe County We, the undersigned citizens of Santa Fe County, insist that the County defer action on all permit applications for oil and gas drilling activities within Santa Fe County until such time as the County specifically addresses the following issues: * the exploration and production of oil and gas poses a profound threat to the established communities in the County; * the County has an obligation to fully inform and protect its citizens; * oil and gas drilling and production bring industrial impacts including fire hazards and wide-spread pollution of air, ground, and surface water as well as noise pollution; * the industry brings with it the establishment of infrastructure, roads, and facilities that are incompatible with the economic base, quality of life, and limited water resources of Santa Fe County; * the importation of a non-resident and itinerant labor force would impact County resources and affect the tax base, and experience in other communities evidences an increase in crime and demand on public services; * life in Santa Fe County, and especially its reputation as we know it will cease to exist; and, decisions made now will impact the land and citizens for decades. We insist that the County: * place a moratorium on permitting for oil and gas exploration and development until the County provides citizens an acceptable voice in planning and development; * strengthen existing codes that address industrial road construction; * require that a substantial bond be posted with the County for any wells permitted; * strengthen existing codes that address unacceptable and continuous noise levels, which impact humans and wildlife, and limit the levels to current ambient levels; * strengthen existing codes to absolutely protect ground water and prohibit drilling in or through fresh water aquifers; * prohibit open waste pits and require closed loop systems for all phases of operation; * require all new equipment to be installed on well sites; * require electric motors, landscaping, and fencing; * prohibit open flaring; * prohibit release of air pollutants including hydrocarbons and CO2; * require remote alarm systems and emergency notification to citizens for fluid or gas leaks, especially H2S. * require full disclosure of materials used in drilling and fracturing processes; * require that environmental laboratory tests be conducted and results be available to the public; * prohibit waste fluids from entering sewage or storm runoff systems; * regulate well pad size and surface damage with reclamation requirements that go beyond reseeding and require the actual growth of native plants; * plan and enforce restricted traffic routes for industry vehicles to minimize pollution, noise, and reduce the road maintenance tax burden; * disallow drilling activities within hydrologic reach of domestic water wells; * prohibit well locations in arroyos, riparian areas, or within areas susceptible to flooding; * conduct a hydro-geological study to judge the possible damage caused by earlier drilling and assess the long-term damage from drilling near the County\'s sensitive watershed areas; * require that landowners within two miles of a proposed drilling or exploratory operation be notified by certified mail of any application for permits within at least thirty days; * require that a buffer of one mile be instituted between any well operation and homes, businesses, and cultural sites regardless of mitigating circumstances; * provide for strong enforcement and penalties for non-compliance; AND, * Arrange for and encourage public input in the County code revision and development process to provide the opportunity for additional concerns and requests to be considered. Therefore: We, the undersigned citizens of Santa Fe County, demand that the County defer consideration of all permit applications for oil and gas drilling activities within Santa Fe County until such time as the County promulgates an ordinance that specifically addresses the many adverse impacts that the oil and gas industry would cause to its citizens and the cultural, environmental, and economic resources of the County. Please indicate that you are a resident of Santa Fe County by putting your name and address in the comments section. Mailing address: Drilling Santa Fe, P.O. Box 23921, Santa Fe, NM, 87502


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