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Leeds University Students Unite - We Demand The Resignation of Dr Frank Ellis

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Students, Parents, peers and all, please sign this petition demanding the resignation of Dr Frank Ellis, Lecturer of Russian at the University of Leeds. Dr Ellis\'s FASCIST, HOMOPHOBIC and MALE CHAUVANISTIC views have no place at our University and he should NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO TEACH THESE VIEWS TO STUDENTS - something which students have come forward and stated he is doing. In March 2003, The Guardian Newspaper (http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk_news/story/0,3604,232453,00.html) revealed that despite the University disallowing his association with the conference, Dr Ellis attended a conference as a guest speaker in front of white supremesists, members of the KKK, and other facist organisations at the Renassiance conference in Virginia to attack the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry. Despite this Defiance, he continues to teach at the university of Leeds. This man is influential like all lecturers, and looked up to (like all lecturers) by the future constructors of society - Leeds University Students and external people all unite in our statement that he should not be in such a position that demands a view of fairness, equality and freedom for all. Students look highly upon their lecturers. Dr Frank Ellis is NOT suitable for such a position. The Leeds Student Newspaper who revealed his comments made in a recent interview, Dr Ellis mantains his views and even teaches them to students in his class. Students have gone as far as to say he is \'obsessed with genocide\' and they \'feel uneasy\' in his lectures. This is unnacceptable and we demand he is relieved of his post as a lecturer, a person that students look up to and learn from. Dr Ellis\'s views and quotes in a recent interview (February 2006) with the Leeds Student Newspaper: > Supporting the Right wing \'Bell-Curve\' Theory which states black students are genetically inferior (\"There is a persistant gap in average black and white average IQ\") > Feminism and Multiculturalism is \'Corroding Britain\' (\"Multiculturalism, intellectually and morally, its a fraud\") > Explicitely stated in an interview with Leeds Student that women do not have the same intellectual capacity as men. > Teaches Bigoted views that Homosexuality is wrong (\"The Mechanics of Buggery...(are)...One of the most effective ways of spreading AIDS\") > Supports white supremesist leading organisation, American Renaissance in a \"Total, Unequivocal and Unconditional\" way and even contributes (in articles which try and prove Black people are genetically inferior to White people) > Believes the BNP are \"A Little too socialist\" > Believes that Africa should be ruled by the \'whites\' (\"One Option is to recolonize [Africa] and put it back under white rule again...\") PLEAE READ THE ARTICLES PRINTED IN THE LEEDS STUDENT, AVAILABLE FROM THE LINKS SECTION TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THE CORRUPTED AND BIGGOTED VIEWS OF DR ELLIS. For the future of the next influential people of society, we must ensure that educators are fair to all people. Will a man like Frank Ellis consider a black student in his class equal to a white person Will his assessment of work be unfair towards a girl in his class because she is in his view, unequal to a male The links section also includes our correspondance with relevant parties and their responses. (constantly updated) Please join us in doing whats right and revoking Dr Ellis of such a high and well respected post in society which he does not ethically and morally deserve! ************************************************* We also need you to e-mail the Vice-Chancellor, Head of Foreign Languages and Dr. Frank Ellis ***POLITELY*** asking for Dr Ellis\' resignation. (PLEASE ALSO CC US FOR OUR RECORDS) Vice Chancellor: David Ansbro - a.l.laverton@adm.leeds.ac.uk Head of school: Dr. Jonathan Sutton - j.f.sutton@leeds.ac.uk DR FRANK ELLIS: n.j.ellis@leeds.ac.uk CC\'d to us: leedsgrad@googlemail.com OR copy and paste the following line into your e-mail clients \'TO\' field: a.l.laverton@adm.leeds.ac.uk, j.f.sutton@leeds.ac.uk, n.j.ellis@leeds.ac.uk, leedsgrad@googlemail.com *************************************************


This petition is for the social good of Leeds University students. Support has been given by many students from across the university resulting in this petition. We will also be petitioning on Campus and rallying for your signiatures. Please support us, and show the University that we, the students have a voice and a right to unbias, free and fair education! This petition is organised and run by A.J Jawad on behalf of Leeds University Students Union & Leeds University Unity Against Facism Society (contact us: leedsgrad@googlemail.com)


Original Articles, Sources and Correspondance with responses: http://frankellis.blogspot.com/ Please send the Vice Chancellor of the University (David Ansbro), The Head of Russian Studies (Dr Jonathon sutton), Dr Frank Ellis and ourselves (for our record) A ***POLITE*** E-mail asking for Dr Ellis\' Resignation.Copy and paste the address list below into your email client\'s \'TO\' field. a.l.laverton@adm.leeds.ac.uk, j.f.sutton@leeds.ac.uk, n.j.ellis@leeds.ac.uk, leedsgrad@googlemail.com
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