Give Us One More Episode of Drake & Josh

John Annelies
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Drake & Josh is a televised program that entertained a large portion of America's youth in the mid-2000's. The children that it once entertained are now young-adults and I believe that I speak for everybody when I say: We'd like one more episode of Drake & Josh. This is mostly out of nostalgia, but even so, I believe this would not only bring back a large portion of Nickelodeon's former viewers, but also bring in a new audience of younger viewers who have never heard of or seen Drake & Josh. The former cast of Drake & Josh are not "too old" to fulfill the request, either. A little shave, make-up and such would do the trick just fine. Sure, some of their voices may be a tad bit deeper and Miranda Cosgrove has grown out of her adolescent years but for this final episode, she could be a middle/high school student. Nickeloden, please consider this!



  • Daniel Van Ness
    Daniel Van Ness United States, Hagerstown
    May 24, 2014
    May 24, 2014
    We want Miranda Cosgrove's character, Megan Parker as a high school student, please!


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    Cartoon Man United States
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    Daniel Van Ness
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    Daniel Van Ness United States
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