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Dr. Bazett-Jones Tenure

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To whom it may concern,

The following petition is in response to the news of Dr. David Bazett-Jones’s tenure being denied. The 2018, 2019 and 2020 Doctorate of Physical Therapy classes have joined forces, along with other faculty and alumni, in support of our beloved professor, colleague, and mentor. The signatures attached to this letter are the individuals who disagree with the decision regarding Dr. Bazett-Jones.

Dr. Bazett-Jones, also known as DBJ to his students and colleagues, has had a far greater impact on the DPT program than just material taught in class. Every individual who has been in his presence can not only see his passion for the material and teaching, but they can feel it as well. When you walk into DBJ’s classroom it doesn’t matter how bad your day has been or how confused you are about the material because you know when you leave your mood will have been lifted and you will realize that today is a small detail of the larger picture. DBJ teaches the fundamental classes that any future physical therapist will need in order to succeed, but it is much more than the fundamental material that he teaches. He also teaches and demonstrates the fundamental or lifelong skills that are needed to not only be a great student, but how to be the best version of yourself as possible.

Anyone can teach us biomechanics or advanced kinesiology, but it would be very hard to find someone that can infuse the classroom with such passion and charisma like DBJ does. Once a week he takes 10-15 minutes out of our lecture time to focus on ourselves, and how to become the best versions of ourselves. These sessions include how to motivate yourself, how to stay on track with all the challenges life throws at you, and most importantly how to not let failures define your self-worth. He integrates these life messages into his classroom and the material. DBJ always drives home that the information we are learning in this class apply to not only physical therapy, but multiple facets of our lives. He truly understands the importance of integrating knowledge from all areas of study.

Similar to how Dr. Bazett-Jones teaches us the fundamentals of physical therapy, he is a fundamental piece to the Carroll DPT Program. He gives students the confidence, the skills and the knowledge to progress in the program; without DBJ this program would be completely different. The knowledge gained in his classroom is way more than just how the muscles work or what tissues do what; he gives us the knowledge of the values that we should always let lead the way. Simple enduring values such as consistency, dedication, accountability, honesty, dependability, etc. are integrated into his lessons every day, as he leads by example in his day to day life. DBJ helps all of us stay true to ourselves and the program.

Finally, Dr. Bazett-Jones’ biggest contribution to the program is his ability to help make the transition from the undergraduate to the graduate level as seamless as possible. Without his guidance and mentorship, the gateway experience and increased intensity would overwhelm most of the students. On the first day of class, he spends the entire period addressing everyone’s fears about graduate school, setting the tone for the rest of our time in the program. Time and time again he tells us that if we ever need anything, to reach out to him and ask for help. Whether it is help with a new concept, or a letter of recommendation for a job, he wants us to succeed at every level and will do everything in his power to accomplish that.

Letting Dr. Bazett-Jones leave this program is a mistake, and we mean that in the most sincere way. He is not only one of the most beloved members of the DPT community, but he also represents Carroll University, and everything the institution stands for. Every phrase underlined above is one of the four pillars of the Carroll University educational experience, showing that he creates the exact experience that Carroll wants its students to have. Dr. Bazett-Jones’ departure from Carroll would not only negatively affect the program, but it would go against the exact core of the institution itself.


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